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He makes further reference to US-based 'secure' messaging apps.

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If some speech is against the law, LE and justice system must handle that.The article describes the bafflement of American investigators and security officials.Some of the aggravating factors: • large variations in victim reports of the strange noises • large variations in the symptoms of those who have suffered losses to health • difficulty in explaining how a feasible high-intensity sound attack could produce the observed health effects • difficulty in explaining how a feasible sound attack could produce the locality (very loud in one spot, not audible a meter or two distant) reported in some cases • obscurity as to who might be the attacker(s), and possible motivation In respect of the last point, note that Cuba has long had favorable relations with Canada, and substantially improving relations with the US in the time frame of these incidents.I really do hope our time runs out before we reach that kind of freedom.[1] It doesn’t matter if it is done by humans or an AI-powered algorithm.• September 15, 2017 PM Mark H, take a look at those two links I've provided above in relation to this story.

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