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With the help of modern technology, we are left to live a good portion of our dating life inside the maze of our own personal narrative.

Tips for successful dating in the age of technology: When beginning a new relationship, Do NOT use texting as your means of communication.We communicate as if we are integrated players in each other’s lives, which we are not, at least not yet.So too, we now text with a flirtatious confidence, sometimes sexual, that does not match the actual level of intimacy we’ve achieved.Technology is remarkable for many tasks, but if what we really want is to find meaningful connection with another human being, then technology is probably not the right means to achieve that end.Online dating allows us to meet people we would never get to meet, it provides options and inventory, but after we meet, we still have to be willing to do the real life work that real life relationships require.Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.

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