Who is harry hamlin dating


But in 1978, when an offer came to play opposite George C.Scott in Movie Movie, Harry decided to forego the Fulbright.

Alas, the clash of the parents occurred four years later in 1983.To be near his boy whenever possible, the devoted dad maintains a bachelor bungalow in L. Harry’s future, however, is most likely in New York, where he hopes for a stage career portraying “ethnic, real people.Playing WASPs like myself is not very interesting,” he reports.The Hollywood glamour boy gone, he limps across the stage as Moe Axelrod, a greasy Depression-era thug with a wooden leg. He’s a weirdo,” says Harry, who prepared for the role with his typical gusto.He read everything he could find about mobsters and the Depression and rented a VCR to watch old Jimmy Cagney gangster movies.Ursula was no longer quite so mad about Harry, nor Harry about Ursula, and they resettled in separate Los Angeles abodes.

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