Who is beck dating in real life


Today, he musically encompasses folk, funk, soul, hip hop, electronic, alternative rock, country, and psychedelia.

He has released 13 studio albums (3 of which were independently released), as well as several non-album singles and a book of sheet music.

Even if she still tries to fight with him, he can usually get through to her when they're alone.

For example, in their Drive-by-Acting Exercise, they were arguing a little, however then Jade asked in a sweet voice "Say you love me? They also seem to act more romantic when they aren't in public. If you read these fanfictions, please write a review to tell the author what you thought and to let them know you discovered their work through this wiki. These are fanfiction authors who have written two or more stories for Bade.

This might be because she puts up walls to the outside world and can just be herself around Beck. She is bossy to everyone, but when Beck tells her to do something, she usually obeys him without arguing.

(For example, in Cat's New Boyfriend, he told her she couldn't tell Cat something and she was instantly silent, and in Beggin' on Your Knees (episode), he told her to go to timeout for insulting Tori, and she obediently went to sit on the steps.

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Although he is not very possessive of Jade, Beck gets very protective of her when they are in a dangerous situation. "Friday: Me: "Hi, baby."Her: "So you don't even say my name anymore? Featured Moment: Beck and Jade collapsing onto each other in the hallway as Beck tries to calm her down.

There's no way you can truly know what heartbreak is until the TV couple you ship doesn't get together before the show they're on gets cancelled, which is the case for every poor soul who shipped Tori and Beck (played by Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia) on Nickelodeon's tells the story of Jodi (Victoria Justice), a high schooler seeking revenge after her school's queen bee plays a nasty prank on her.

She unites her school's outcasts to bring down the popular clique, but when a taste of power goes to their heads, her relationship with her bestie, Mindy, and her budding romance with Dave (AKA, Avan Jogia) is jeopardized.

She argues with him that he loves making her jealous and pushing her buttons.

He also once posted on The Slap that he got in a water fight with a bunch of girls in bikinis, and when Jade freaked out, he said "HA.

Just kidding." Jade is shown to be extremely possessive of him throughout the series in almost every episode.

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