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I was only 23, and our relationship wasn’t exactly healthy.

Despite the front I’d always put on for our families, friends and even for him, I spent most of our time together feeling hurt and stuck in my situation.

But the unprompted bathroom nude seemed to say, I say “welcome” because I’d made it to 31 without ever using a dating app. For six weeks, I’d use all the apps and hire three different dating coaches. Over the phone, Emma Tessler, cofounder and director of matching service The Dating Ring, explains her approach: “Go on as many dates as possible.

But in the aftermath, I beat myself up over letting our relationship get to that point in the first place.

Five months prior to the actual breakup, my then-boyfriend hinted at wanting to get engaged.

As an abstract concept, getting married someday was nice, but when confronted with the reality of it, the very idea terrified me.

Logan helps me with a text to send a guy you don’t want to lose altogether: “Actually, I can’t pillow fight anytime soon. I’m clearly not the latter....” Nude Dude: “That’s what I was texting you about. I hope you don’t feel like I wasted your time.” (Logan says: “Prolly a girlfriend in Canada.”) All I have the energy to write back is a sarcastic “Lucky lady!

I just met someone and I’m going to see where it goes....” I hate this part, but Ginger takes it like a champ: “Talk about the complete opposite response of what I was expecting LOL! Thank you for introducing me to that bar.” And butter dishes, dude. ” Two weeks later, I start deleting all seven dating apps from my phone when I notice that I never went out with anyone from The League.

There’s this one guy who mentions our mutual love for Parks and Rec.

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