Vray error unhandled exception updating


It gives a list of whole bunch of dlls (may not necessarily be the same every time the error occurs, but they are around 10-12 in all), and tracking each one of them down will be a pain.

Also, could have problems with duplicate version of dlls, same file, e.g. Rahul, what I would do is look at the text of the error where it mentions a number of dlls. Find it on the PC, what version is it, what is its date and time? Not very scientific but it has worked for me in the past.

Our Server: Windows 2000 Server SP2 Our Data Base: Oracle 8.1.7 (repository and data) Our Clients: Windows 2000 Professional SP2 We are at 5.1.4 and I stopped installing 5.1.6 for the reasons I stated below.

There was also the issue of the change in the way corporate documents are read (between 5.1.4 and 5.1.5) and I felt if I was going to have to make that concerted and long effort to get EVERYONE moved to the new version, it would be better to wait until sometime in version 6. We had a 5.1.6 report with 6 queries and a VBA macro.

Tidy up the report, remove unused variables, formulas as well as objects from the different queries.

Encourage the user to purge the report, so when they pick it up next time the PC doesn't use much resource opening it.

Mostly this is solved by deleting the existing universe from the C:\ drive and then forcing and import.

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