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Regarding Vic and Bowie’s rumors, Vic’s manager said, “Of course, it is impossible! The joke is too big; it is a huge misunderstanding! ” Bowie Tsang Rivals With Hsu Sisters Bowie has been branded as a “boyfriend stealer” in the past.

Prior to dating Vic, Bowie had dated Mickey Hsu (黄子佼), who was Dee Hsu’s (徐熙娣) ex-boyfriend.

Simultaneously, sources from "Home" crew told the media that the two of them had been secretly dating for six months after meeting for the first time through "The Last Night of Madam Chin".

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She is best known for her portrayal of Dong Shan Cai in Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II.“Vic Zhou (周渝民) and Bowie Tsang (曾宝仪) are already secretly married!” This shocking headline was first started in Tianya forums, stunning fans speechless.Allegedly, Mickey and Dee were discussing marriage in 2001 after dating for 4 years, when Bowie became the third party and broke their engagement plans.It was not until last year that Bowie and Dee’s rivalry allegedly cooled off.Despite his low-key answers, Vic was surprisingly forward when reporters asked if he planned to attend Vanness’s wedding ceremony with his “other half.” He generously responded, “Yes!

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