Validating email address php

You need to use PHP Filters designed for safely dealing with input parameters.It can validate and filter data coming from some insecure source, such as user input via filter extension.Example of a correctly formatted email address but still wrong: [email protected][VALID format but does not exist] Above case specifically happens when you take important customer email on phone and you type in the wrong email.So is there a QUICK solution to really check the email without sending a test message to the user? 1) the 550 response indicates that the email address is not valid and you have caught a valid but wrong email address.We have all been doing email address validation for a very long time to make sure that the email is correctly formatted.

How many times have you heard of email being termed "the ultimate killer application"?

These days, users are expected to supply a valid email for just about everything, provided in exchange for the privilege of downloading software, learning more about the latest sales, and even for simply offering a comment to a favorite blogger's most recent entry.

For many users, admittedly myself included at times, the constant address beggaring has resulted in the prompt insertion of nonsensical, whimsical addresses such as "[email protected]", "23424!

5) This is to supplement the standard email address javascript validation.

Validating email address using regular expressions is tricky and is often not recommended. A valid email address as defined by RFC 2822 can be quite complex.

Of course, anyone can run this against their own validator(s) if they need to.

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