Validating database schema


Net provides a number of classes, shipped in as base class libraries of the . The Xml schema file usually is a XML-Data Reduced (XDR) or XML Schema definition language (XSD).

The input Xml File could be even validated against a set of Schema Files.

Conclusion We have currently discussed only two of the several strategies for validating the input Xml Data File.

Another possible method would be to load the complete input File in a DOM object and validating each record programmatically.

The simplest way to load your JSchema and JObject classes from files is to use the File object's Read All Text method, like this: In a Web service, the most likely combination is that you'll read your schema from a file but will be accepting your JSON document as a parameter to an ASP. Regardless of how you load the two objects, to check that the JSON document is valid against the schema, you call the JObject's Is Valid method passing the JSchema object and a collection declared as an IList of String.

Here, book records are said to be valid only if the price (one of the fields) of a book is greater than 10.00.*/The data from could subsequently be read into a string variable and sent as a parameter to a Database Stored Procedure in which using SQLXML constructs like OPENXML( ), sp_xml_preparedocument, etc we could store the resultant records into Database Tables.

The Schema File is the structural representation of how a given Xml Data File should resemble.

Validation using XSL Technology : XSLT [Extended Stylesheet Language Transformation] is basically used for transforming the input xml File from one form to another, which could be .html, etc.

A number of packages support JSON validation with schemas, but Newton Soft. Schema is easily available through Nu Get (if you're working in ASP.

NET Core there's currently a prerelease version available).

Next Return Error Messages End If Using Newton Soft's tools like this still, however, leaves you with a JSON document to parse into . With a little more code, you can convert your JSON object into a .

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