Updating technology


Communication is instant with email and the ability to send documents back and forth during negotiations.

Customers can get information on websites and request information any time of the day or night using online forms.

It also allows people to repeat modules without costing the business any more in training costs. Hackers and thieves steal consumer information and company proprietary information daily, but technology can protect company information.

If there is one key benefit to businesses that should be updated and continuously monitored, it is digital security.

Technology adapts continually, which makes it difficult for businesses to keep up.

However, the fast pace isn't a good reason to avoid adopting technology in business practices. Business owners should hire professionals if they are unsure how to implement new technology and how it benefits their businesses specifically.

Businesses can better manage large teams using technology.What, therefore, can manufacturers do to sustain this surge in productivity and keep increasing their levels of output?The Government recently announced significant investment in industry-transforming technology, making the next 12 months an exciting, and potentially transformative time for manufacturers.At the tail end of last year, the future for manufacturing seemed pretty bleak with reports of output growth over the past five years averaging only 0.2%, and UK productivity trailing behind our European contemporaries.However, fast forward to January and the most recent UK Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), gives us reason to be optimistic, finding that UK manufacturing output is expanding at its fastest rate since early 2008.David York from Epicor looks at how, by embracing technology, manufacturers can keep up the momentum and beat the productivity puzzle.

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