Updating ps3 via flash drive


Below the LCD screen is the power button, IR receiver, SD slot, USB input, and eject button (for use with the option Blu Ray Drive module) From the back you can see the LAN port (10/100/1000), 2 USB 2.0 ports, Composite/Component outputs, HMDI out, Optical, e SATA, USB Slave, and the power input.

One thing I like about a 3rd party jukebox is the ability to centrally manage the jukebox.

With Zappiti or the other 3rd party jukeboxes I can simply manage the jukebox from my PC and know that both the BD Prime and Smart D1 will be updated and in sync (this also comes in handy since a majority of the time I am updating Zappiti remotely). I also hope to take a closer look at ya DIS 2.0 and My Movies (for this one I am waiting for individual TV episode support before digging in to).

Zappiti Screenshot: My Movies Screenshot: Final Thoughts: Just as with the Dune BD Prime the Smart D1 lived up to expectations.

I did test Play ON streaming from my Windows Home Server to the Smart D1 and had no issues with playback (although Play On is a bit of a hack solution versus native integration).

3rd Party Jukeboxes: This is the area for me that is real important as the stock UI of the Dune is lacking in so many areas.

Main features: Hardware: The Dune HD Smart D1 came with the D1 (obviously), HDMI cable, IR Remote w/ 2 batteries, and composite cables.

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