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They may not be as simple as a new customer’s name, and instead be hard to pick out without a fresh, critical look.

Quick Facts, the university’s Fact Book, and the Common Data Set for FIU, all of which are updated regularly, are among the most pertinent resources on that website.

Through 10 colleges and schools, FIU offers more than 190 bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs and conducts basic and applied research.

Interdisciplinary centers and institutes conduct collaborative research to seek innovative solutions to economic, technological, health, and social problems.

But it may be that your writing had little to do with the decision to award to you – it may have been based on other factors such as cost, or a competitor submitting an even worse proposal. Many writers will spend more time tailoring the sections than writing from scratch, as they drown in the sea of inapplicable boilerplate.

If you doubt that writing from scratch is faster than starting with boilerplate, take our Writing Persuasive Federal Proposals course ( Trh) where we teach you speed-writing and show you how much faster it is to start without an excessive clutter of cut-and-paste words. Boilerplate will create an illusion that the section is done, when it actually needs to be completely redone (a “placeholder text” effect). A well-written boilerplate section creates an illusion that this is what you should say in your current similarly titled section with a similar set of requirements – “it sort of sounds right” – while the customer needs to hear something completely different in this proposal/project scenario.

Therefore, please review both the grant guidelines and the boilerplate text carefully and use only what is appropriate.

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