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REBUILD statement, will update only index statistics with the equivalent of using WITH FULLSCAN.Rebuilding indexes does not update any column statistics.1) By default, the UPDATE STATISTICS statement updates both index and column statistics.Using the COLUMNS option of this statement will update column statistics only.Using UPDATE STATISTICS WITH FULLSCAN will scan the entire table.3) Rebuilding an index, for example by using the ALTER INDEX …Run the next statement to update the column statistics only.You can validate that only the column statistics were updated by looking at the update_date column which uses the STATS_DATE function to display the last date the statistics were updated.

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The history may have been purged in the meantime though (retention time can be retrieved by DBMS_STATS.

As mentioned before, if you rebuild all your indexes then all the index statistics will also be updated by scanning all the rows on the table.

Then you just need to update your column statistics by running an UPDATE STATISTICS WITH FULLSCAN, COLUMNS statement.

One of the questions I was asked recently while speaking at the Los Angeles SQL Server Professionals Group and the Orange County SQL Server User Group (*) was regarding the order in which jobs like rebuilding indexes or updating statistics should be executed as part of the database maintenance activities.

In general you should consider the following important points, focusing in the fact that there are two kinds of statistics: index and column statistics.

Statistics refers to the statistical information about the distribution of values in one or more columns of a table or an index.

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