Updating kde


For these, the only way to remove them from the menu is to log into KDE itself and use its menu editor.For every item that you do not want displayed, check the 'Show only in KDE' option.This method does mean that Openbox will be started first on each login and will then immediately be replaced by the autostarted window manager.Note that since openbox dispatches the desktop-wide keyboard shortcuts in LXDE, users who want to replace it and still use these shortcuts will need to reimplement this functionality themselves. This requires installation of For a storage device with an NTFS filesystem, you will need to install the NTFS-3G package.update available list script returned error exit status 1.# Looks like your test died before it could output anything.

Make sure to log in at the login screen as such a user or switch to such a user in the Finder (i.e.

Generally, PCMan FM works well with NTFS filesystems, however there is one bug affecting NTFS users that if you have files or directories on an NTFS filesystem, the names of which contain non-latin characters (e.g.

Chinese characters) may disappear when opening (or auto-mounting) the NTFS volume.

fast user switching) before starting the Fink installer.

If you're having trouble even when using an admin account, then it's likely a problem with the permissions on your top-level directory.

Use Apple's Disk Utility (from the Utilities sub-folder in your Applications folder), select the hard drive in question, choose the First Aid tab, and press Repair Disk Permissions.

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