Updating hardware information database not responding

I don't have Greasemonkey,so it must be something else. I don't have Greasemonkey,so it must be something else.I find clearing caches helps,and running sandboxed with the UAC option selected. I find clearing caches helps,and running sandboxed with the UAC option selected.I have also noticed the problem disappears if I launch FF sandboxed,'''and '''check the "UAC" option in Sandboxie. Thanks "Restart with Add-ons disabled") and noticed that the freezing did not occur any more.After re-enabling my add-ons one at a time, I discovered that the Grease Monkey extension was causing the freezes.You can get them and brief instructions from here: Releases.aspx?Release Id=18473 2.) Use the WSUSUtil tool to delete unneeded revisions and updates for inactive languages.You can find wsusutil in program files\update services\tools.a.) "wsusutil deleteunneededrevisions" – Purges the update metadata for unnecessary update revisions from the database. b.) "wsusutil removeinactiveapprovals" – Removes approvals for updates that are in a permanently inactive state because of a change in WSUS server language settings.

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First, try and make sure all your clients are setup for a once per day detection frequency.

The problem hasn't occurred since my last post.

Hello, Joe Tindale here from the WSUS team to give you some tips on those timeout errors you may see when trying to view or approve updates.

3.) Make sure you are running WSUS2 SP1 as we included a fix in SP1 detailed here:

scid=kb; EN-US;910847 To determine your version of WSUS look all the way at the bottom of the WSUS home page and you should see “Build Number:” if you are running WSUS2 SP1.

Lately, I have a problem with it freezing at the first website I go to,and repeated clicking on the webpage brings up the option to close it,which I always have to do.

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