Updating dll in global assembly cache

Smart Part web parts can also cache data in memory so again IIS reset might help. Is it that the page content is just not updating, or is it that the old code appears to be running?

I've trying to deploy some code to a client machine, where I don't want to install MS windows SDK tools. In the past I would simply go to start, run, type "assembly", and drag and drop my dll in. When I try to do this I get no error message, but the dll doesn't appear in the "assembly" folder.

var microsoft = microsoft

I am not sure where this is being cached -and how could I clear it. Usually there is no caching anywhere when you follow a complete retract/delete/add/deploy cycle of the solution package.

Other assembly files must reside in the same directory as the DLL that contains the assembly manifest. Fusion However, there is a managed method to add an assembly to GAC: System.

ref Data); - The assembly is referenced by an application that has been installed by using Windows Installer.

It seems that these might be the only two options in 4.0.

When I use gacutil on my dev machine it works properly, but the dll still doesn't appear.

But first of all I would make sure that the package you are deploying actually has the proper version of the code.

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