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Alexandra Land was a disputed territory for a number of years but is now part of the Russian Federation.

Russia is thought to be looking to build its own permanent military base there today.

It was codenamed “Schatzgraber” or “Treasure Hunter” by the Germans and was primarily used as a tactical weather station.

The base was abandoned when the scientists stationed there were poisoned by polar bear meat in 1944 and had to be rescued by a German U-boat.

It’s also a German-speaking country so I went there to learn the language and travel. Is it full of immigrants and refugees (like Paris) or is there hope that it can be a “traditional society” still? It was the first country incorporated into Nazi-Germany.

Besides the obvious point mentioned above, I also went there to study.Red Vienna, or Rote Wien has been under Socialist Party rule since the end of WWI.This reflects the mentality of the Viennese, but not the rural population which has A MUCH more conservative mentality than city dwellers.After I returned home, I reached out to him to see if he had an interest in sharing some of his best stories regarding Austrian women and their capital city.Here are his responses; I’ve added some additional commentary and images from my time in Vienna as well.At the same time, they played up the “first victim of the Nazis”-scenario after the war, which enabled broad-sweeping amnesties for most Nazis.

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