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Via Courier:- If they are transported in a wormery they will be sent in a breathable sack inside the wormery. Occasionally we put them in a mailing bag but again we ensure breathable holes are placed all over the bags.A Wormery is a box system that contains composting worms that love to munch away on kitchen wastes. 'We will publish the names only when their identities are clearly revealed and verified.'Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar at the Poynter Institute, a Florida-based journalism think tank, said that just because a name becomes public doesn't mean news organizations have to race to publish it.'If the police chief is on the list, if the school superintendent on the list, I would approach those people directly and try to determine whether their actions are not just a personal moral failure but climb to the level of social, public hypocrisy,' he said. As a former law enforcement officer, Main said releasing the names helps hold suspects accountable for their misdeeds. Warren's decision to release names without key information 'creates confusion and can damage the reputations of innocent individuals with similar names,' said Cliff Schechtman, executive editor of The Portland Press Herald.Therefore if you set up the wormery in the autumn / winter and add a really small amount of food the worms will be ready and raring to go when the temperature eventually warms up.It can take many months to get any liquid, as it is all dependent on what is placed in the wormery.

This is easily done with old carpet or bubble wrap wrapped around your wormery. Worm sitters will not be be required when you go on holiday, as the worms will be happy munching away for a few weeks before they will need feeding again.

Worms can eat up to half their own body weight every day and can double their population every 60-90 days.

If you start your wormery with 1 kilo of mature worms they will consume up to 500g of food waste per day*.

If you are going away for a long time (or if you are a school and are worried about the long summer holidays) then add lots of damp shredded paper and cardboard, and mix it into wormery before you leave.

This will eventually break down and feed the worms.

Obviously vegetables will produce more water than bread.

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