Transuxal dating


A transsexual person who undergoes gender reassignment surgery may be perceived as having an orientation change if they go from being interested in the "same" gender to the "opposite" gender or vice versa because of their own transition.In the following video, a trans woman clearly explains the terms transgender, transsexual, drag queen, drag king and transvestite: The definition of transgender is very ambiguous and may fall into overlapping categories like cross-dressers/transvestites (an outdated term considered offensive by some), androgynes and genderqueers.The transgender community is symbolized by a pride flag which consists of pink and blue horizontal stripes on both ends, symbolizing transition.

Some transgender individuals opt for medical intervention to change their appearance.

In What Not to Say to a Transgender Person, novelist T.

Cooper offers the following advice: Different religions have their own views about transgender and transsexual individuals, and not all religions are tolerant toward this community.

Transsexual condition is very well defined and can be diagnosed medically.

There is medical help available, if the individual is eager to change one’s physical appearance.

While this can include medical or social transition, it may not.

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