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A lot of guys get hooked and devour the entire book in a day.

Instead, take your time and think about what you are learning before moving on to the next chapter.

If you are missing any of those three you are really going to struggle in the early stages with most women, especially older women.

How to Win Friends & Influence People does a great job of giving you specific techniques in addition to broader principles.

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Every book proclaims itself as the best dating book, blogs can be -hit-or-miss, and the forums often only give general dating advice where it can be difficult to determine if the advice is tested and proven.

Before we give you the list we want to emphasize that reading these books is not a substitute for action on your part.

You need to take the concepts you learn and commit to applying them to your life.

It isn’t a typical dating or relationship book and isn’t the most obvious recommendation for the best dating books to improve your dating life, especially with older women. Put another way, this book can greatly improve your ability to create connections with other people which greatly enable your ability to create attraction with women.

Even though this book has been around for 80 years and sold over 30,000,000 copies the principles have not changed.

Of all the best dating books out there, No More Mr.

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