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After Tony treated Joey to some oral pleasure, Joey turned around so that he could return the favor in his favorite position; 69.Primed and ready to go, Joey strapped on a condom and Tony climbed up on top to go for a ride.Jayden was such a good bottom that Tony decided to reward him with his cum and Jayden lapped it up like a puppy.We were hanging out at Tony Newport's birthday party when Genesis mentioned that he and Tony have never hooked up either on film or off.

Once we hit the on button, Tony leaned over and started sucked Joey's big hard cock.Tony being older than Joey, decided that he was going to give Joey a little lesson in fucking.Both boys had been hanging out with hard cocks in their hands for a bit so I abandonded any preconcieved ideas on this pairing and turned on the cameras and let them do whatever they want.This was about the time they forgot that they were on camera and they fucked in every imaginable position before they both drained their cocks of their man seed.Note: All names credited on this website, whether for performance or production should be considered fictional stage names.It was a beautiful Texas afternoon so the boys wanted to fuck out in one of the pastures so we weren't going to argue we were just along for the ride.

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