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Kat Cole, the group president of Focus Brands group, on the other hand, saw her 20s as more transformative years, working her way up the ladder from a Hooters waitress to the company's vice president by the time she was 26.

To illustrate how no two paths to success are alike, we've highlighted what 25 highly successful people were doing at age 25.

It's easy to look at the most successful people in the world and wonder how on earth they got there.

However, while some famous icons knew what they wanted to do and achieved success early on, others took a longer, more twisted journey to get to that point.

They may be rich, famous, or powerful now, but at the age of 20, things — for most — looked a little different.

According the The Daily Mail, Rowling spent her teenage years going to festivals and hitch-hiking around the UK.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates discovered his love of computers at age 13 while at a prep school in Seattle.

He also sold golf balls and stamps, buffed cars, and set up pinball machines in barbershops.

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