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But when he gave it to Zuzu Moon as a thank-you gift for bringing him on tour, she knew it'd be perfect for Rebecca too.

So Zuzu declined the bracelet, and asked for a kiss instead.

Noah says that when Rebecca left, he stopped writing, but in reality, stopped getting published.

In the end Noah and Rebecca share a kiss and get back together.

In The Gala Issue, Noah calls Rebecca beautiful, even though he tries to hide the fact that he may have a crush on her.

Later on, in The Dating Issue, Noah goes on a "Homework Date" with Rebecca so she can write her article about the perfect first date.

George then ask Rebecca to be in his music video and she accepts.

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He ends up kissing her as an "experiment," to see if that will cure her hiccups, but later gets the hiccups himself, implying that he lied about not having more feelings for the kiss.

The teens work together in order to create the entire magazine with little adult supervision, and they quickly find that they are going to have to overcome some major challenges in order to make it in the competitive business of teen publishing.

This is the relationship between Noah Jackson & Rebecca Harper.

In The Kiss Off Issue, Noah finds out that Rebecca and Wilder shared a victory kiss.

This results in Noah getting angry at Rebecca, until Bossman says that Buzz won't close, and Noah kisses Wilder on the cheek.

In The Love Me, Love Me Issue, Zuzu Moon, the girl who Noah followed on tour for the Summer, guest edits the magazine for a week. No one believes Noah until the end, when Rebecca walks in and catches her.

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