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While I am not a member of this group – the NRA, it is an American association; and I cannot condone the treatment of its members because of what they believe in.

Once you choose to become political you have put your customers in a position to have to pick sides and that, my friend, is bad for business.

Reply Please tell the Hertz president and board that I am disgusted at their punishment and political pandering against the NRA and its members for the total failures and misconduct of the Broward Sheriff’s department and the FBI.

The NRA is not responsible for the Florida shootings, yet in light of all of the egregious failures in the local and federal agencies, as well as the Broward Board of Education you chose to penalize and attack people that support our US Constitution. They would not allow the players to wear patches on their uniforms in memory or 9/11 or fallen police officers.

Like the 5 million official members you have now alienated I can’t help to think about how that group will now rent cars elsewhere.

I too, will now have to consider that same option due to your short sighted and quick reaction to a situation that had nothing to do with the organization you just shunned.

With so many rental companies to choose from I can eliminate Hertz and its subsidiaries from my list of possibilities. So you can make any decision you want as a company.

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