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When you save a page that you’ve created from a template, give it a new name with an HTML (or other) extension, just as you’d save any other page you create in Dreamweaver.9 EDIT THE TEMPLATE The greatest advantage of templates is when you want to edit elements you use throughout your site (such as the navigation links at the top of these pages), you can go back and make that change once to the template and it’s automatically changed on every page created from the template.

For instance, if I added a new gallery link to the template, it automatically updates all of the pages with the new link.10 SAVE CHANGES TO ALL PAGES When you save a template with changes (File Save), Dreamweaver opens an Update Template Files dialog.

This is easy if you’re only working on one site with one template, but as your site gets larger and more complex, you need to make sure you’re using the correct template when you create new pages.

Sometimes the two process streams try to update the same file at the same time and Dreamweaver may crash or the file will not be updated correctly.You can identify editable regions in the template, and the pages created from the template, by the blue outline and tabs.If you don’t see these features in the Dreamweaver workspace, choose View New.Dreamweaver gives you the option to update all of the pages created from the template, or not.I usually click Update, because it’s a big advantage and timesaver to be able to update all of those pages automatically.Templates come in many shapes and styles on the Web.

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