Taylor lautner and selena gomez dating 2016


His fans surely wish that he has found his soulmate in Billie Catherine Lourd.The 27 year old actor and Karate champion Taylor Lautner going steady with 25 years Billie Catherine Lourd, the ‘Scream Queens’ star.

His mother worked for a software development company while his father was an Airlines pilot. He successfully began his TV acting and modeling career in 2001 and then he jumped into film’s bandwagon too.While in London, Demi ran into a fan who asked how her pal Selena was doing lately.At the time, Selena began hanging out with Taylor Swift, which didn't seem to agree with the "Neon Lights" songstress."Ask Taylor," Demi answered. Rumors swirled that Demi turned to Miley Cyrus while Selena, who was dating Taylor Lautner at the time, chose T. "True friends don't let their friends or family be mean to you.I mean, we can’t blame them – Taylor an award-winning singer-songwriter, stellar performer and one of the hardest working women in music right now, as well as a feminist spokesperson, fashion icon and BFF to the likes of Selena Gomez, Lorde and Lena Dunham. So who’s spent time as Taylor Swift’s other half so far?She’s also a mega-cute girlfriend, if her romance with Calvin Harris (real name = Adam Wiles, you can see more celebrity real names here) was anything to go by – talk about #relationshipgoals. Sure, relationships don’t always work out, but you better be prepared to hear all about it on Taylor’s next album – the country songstress turned pop megastar takes her heartbreak (or revenge) out in her music. We’ve compiled the definitive timeline of Taylor Swift’s love life, and click through to find out the tracks you can hear about them in…They made fans fall in love with Delena all over again at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards and the 2011 MTV VMAs, where the posed for pictures and giggled the night away, but when Justin Bieber entered Selena's life in 2012, Delena began to fall apart again. She's going to be a big sister, and I want to be around for that.

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