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Usually, when parents come to visit their kids, they stay at a local motel, take their kid out to eat several times, take a brief tour of the campus and dorm, and in general make sure that their kid is OK and getting enough sleep.

Laura's parents, on the other hand, were staying on campus, in her room--her roommate had an off-campus boyfriend and had even given Laura her key so that we could have as much privacy as we wanted, and I slept with her every weekend and even some school nights.

I relaxed and decided to watch this exhibitionistic pair go at it for as long as I would get away with it.

I stroked Laura's nipple and she responded by rocking her ass back at me; I began to grow erect.

I couldn't believe that they were going to sleep in one of those little dorm beds, but Laura said that they'd insisted.

Of course, that meant that we weren't going to have sex that weekend, but I thought that I could tough it out and maybe make up for it on Sunday night after the parents had left.

But when Laura pulled me through the curtain and toward the bed, both of us stark naked, I got the shock of my life--there were obviously two people in the bed, and her parents' suitcases were standing near the desk.

She started undressing and motioned to me to do the same; usually we just took our clothes off and tossed them on the other bed.

She shushed me again and for some reason I thought that her roommate had come back and that her parents were gone.

Then I had a thought: what sort of parents have sex with their grown daughter in the same room?

If they don't mind having her as an audience, they probably wouldn't mind an additional spectator. Complain to the resident assitant, "We were fucking away when we realized that our daughter had her boyfriend in teh room and it wasn't just her watching"?

Her dad moved his hand down to her mom's crotch, and I followed suit with Laura.

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