Symantec not updating error 5


I had this issue on a service that I was deploying, and none of the other suggestions on this question worked. When I added the dependencies, the issue went away.Solution: Disable the Common Client trace crash handler settings once the Symantec Endpoint Protection installer exits.

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This document lists the new fixes and component versions in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Release Update 6 (SEP RU6, or 12.1.6).Solution: Correctly handle an event with the wrong number of fields so that Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can continue to process events that are in the correct format.Fix ID: 3362553 Symptom: exhausts non-paged pool memory. "The first Error 5: Access Denied error was resolved by giving permissions to the output directory to the NETWORK SERVICE account." I changed mine to local account, instead of network service account, and because i was logged in as administrator it worked If you are getting this error on a server machine try give access to the folder you got the real windows service exe. then probably in your code your service is trying to interact with some files in the system like writing to a log file open the services properties select For the error 5, i did the opposite to the solution above. Play with those settings, like run the service with administrator account or so. EDIT: What also can be the problem is that, most services are run as Your code may be running in the security context of a user that is not allowed to start a service.

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