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Providing Pay Pal with your bank account information is the most secure way to confirm your identity.

If you're already Pay Pal Verified, you can also link your Pay Pal account to your e Bay account to confirm your identity.

) I may have missed this notification to Monzo users that if they are not verified they will not be able to use their card to withdraw from foreign ATMs - surely this is quite important to let users know they will face restrictions in usage if they haven't gone through ID verification while they are abroad - not wait until they are abroad and facing these problems ?

discussed mid december - seems to be a problem that users don’t realise that without verification they won’t be able to withdraw cash from ATMs whilst on holiday - quite disappointing for them and the Monzo experience of good FX rates - do they then bin the card for being unreliable ?

6) Answer 'OK' to any security question that follows.

7) Check(v) the field for 'Use this certificate as a trusted root' and click 'OK' twice to close this and the next window.

This is a quick and dirty hack, but can you set your system time to be within the validity period of the certificate and then try and validate it?

You will have to manually set it using something like or your country's official timesource.Note: To confirm your identity, you'll need both a valid bank account and a Pay Pal account.1) Right click on the ‘validity unknown’ icon and click on ‘Validate Signature’.8) Click 'Validate Signature' to execute the validation.means that an expired signature / expired validity is treated as valid.2) You will get the signature validation status window, click on ‘Signature Properties’.

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