Statistics on marriage and length of dating

I don’t see very many getting married under the age of 25.

The youngest I have had has been in the mid-20 range, but 28 to 30 is really where I usually see many of my clients,” she says.

The national average marrying age, according to The Knot, is 29 for brides and 31 for grooms, which is still relatively “old” compared to past averages.

Apparently, New Yorkers aren’t the only ones that aren’t super-eager to start filing joint taxes before the age of 25.

We should just get married,’” says Ashley Chamblin, owner and wedding planner at Ashley M Chamblin Events in Brooklyn.

“While this trend is everywhere, it’s happening in New York City more than anywhere else in the country because people live together here before marriage probably more so than anywhere else.

The paltry total of 116,000 weddings held in New York City in 2014 certainly supports Viglucci's argument.

When people get together so young, they tend to not have that stuff in place, and they tend to crack under the pressure and intensity in Manhattan.” “Marriage at a younger age works better in other places in the US because those places are more family-oriented.

The Pew Research Center came out with an article in 2014 listing the best and worst cities for women looking to marry (the survey considered employment statuses in marrying men).

The worst place in the entire country for women looking to get married is actually Orlando, where 63% of the population between 25 and 34 is unmarried.

“Couples [nationwide] are waiting a little bit later in life to make this huge decision,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, executive editor at The Knot.

Still, the US Census reported that in 2014, the average age of brides was 31, and 33 for grooms. A big factor of this can be attributed to couples living together before they get married.

“People who get married [in their 20s in New York] are really going to struggle later on, unless they have a good head on their shoulders,” says Emma Viglucci, CFT, LMFT, CIT, founder & director of Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy.

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