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In the course of two hours, there were to be 27 of these three-minute rounds, along with a dinner, and then a “social hour,” where they could mingle more freely. Such a scenario was playing out a few yards away, where Rocky, a neurosurgeon from Chicago, was being prepped by his sister and two of her friends. “ ‘ Rocky, a big, tall guy in a gray suit with no tie, laughed.In theory, his MD gives him an edge, Raza and Kadir lamented, doctor being the most preferred occupation among parents.Saturday night’s banquet was sold out, as was a second one scheduled for Sunday. ’ If so, it’s not the right person.” Kadir was not so sure about that strategy.The guy in the suit was an electrical engineer from Atlanta named Mo Raza, 30. Kadir, who owns an insurance business in Tampa, went to one a couple of years ago and Raza was asking him how it worked. “You might not want to ask everyone that,” he said.When he didn’t encounter her during the three-minute sessions, he had a volunteer introduce them during the social hour. While the interactions at the banquet can feel a bit forced, Ashraf said, they spare the participants even more awkwardness.“It’s ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ and there’s no hard feelings,” she said.

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Online matchmaking is also popular, but some prefer to meet in person.His predicament is becoming more common, said Altaf Husain, an assistant professor of social work at Howard University and an ISNA trustee. “Young Muslims tell me, ‘My parents can’t help me because they don’t know anyone where I live.’ ” Another problem is that women outnumber men, Husain said, including at the banquet. “Muslims value the process of getting married not so much on the individual level, but as a process between two families,” Husain said.Increased mobility also takes the young away from extended families that could facilitate introductions. Observant Muslims must also contend with one major constraint that many non-Muslims in America don’t face: a prohibition on premarital relations between men and women. “That way you can place a person in the context of several relationships.” For the families of Asma Ashraf, 28, and Jaweed Mohammed, 31, it was a whirlwind romance.The Date Doctor, Jaimy Blazynski, has a huge following and an entire data base of over 50's.She has a following of over 1800 singles on her facebook page(s) and a large audience on her radio shows. Use the CODE "speed123" (case sensative, no spaces) and the final cost is only .They stayed so long that the organizers eventually had to turn off all the lights to get them to leave.

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