Speeddating dc

They stayed so long that the organizers eventually had to turn off all the lights to get them to leave.

We will be meeting at Baci for dinner and/or drinks to support our members in this first ever Speed dating 50 .This will not only help us grow but will give you access to many other 50 singles that aren't in our group.https:// is the first ever 50 Speed dating event and the spaces filled up fast.The Date Doctor, Jaimy Blazynski, has a huge following and an entire data base of over 50's.She has a following of over 1800 singles on her facebook page(s) and a large audience on her radio shows. Use the CODE "speed123" (case sensative, no spaces) and the final cost is only .You will meet others in and around our area from all walks of life and in a wide range of professions. Register @ event is being hosted at Baci Grill in Cromwell (address above).

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