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My grandfather and my grandmother literally pleaded with folded hand and tried to reason it out with the girl and her family as to what had they done to deserve such a thing.

After rotting for two months in the jail, my uncle was finally granted bail along with the rest of my family for a surety of 1.3 lakhs totally.

As for the girl and her family, i sincerely hope that they burn in hell because what they have done to my family for the sake of money had nearly destroyed life of a simple and hardworking person who helped a family come out of utter poverty though grit and determination.

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The girl and her family tried to even use this death as a proof of the torture that my family had inflicted on her by claiming that her mother suffered that heart attack on account of the tension and the so called threat she perceived to her life despite the fact that she was a heart patient even before that girl had met my uncle.

This eventually lead to my family paying even more despite having committed no mistake or rather no crime.

After the engagement the girl repeatedly told my uncle to think about moving with her family by leaving my grandmother and all back home.

My uncle just assumed that maybe she wasn't well and decided not to pursue that matter and they returned to their house immediately. By missing i mean that she ran away from the house.

I have written below a brief account of what happened when one of my uncle got married.

It was a typical Indian marriage, a so called "arranged love marriage".

The elders of the family had kept the line of communication open with girls family and she had agreed to settle for a sum of 4 lakhs.

Now the question on everyone's mind would be why were we willing to settle when had not committed any mistake.

For the people who are wondering about how we got such a huge amount of money, we sold everything we had. My uncle began to totally shun the company of women and also looked upon every act of kindness from every female co-worker and also the family members as a kind of trap and he was affected severely and began to have a moody attitude and it took a long time for my family to recover from his incident.

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