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In March, state disciplinary investigators charged Haviland with multiple ethics complaints, including sealing her then-son-in-law’s criminal records, ordering staff to run background checks on her friend’s boyfriend, and bullying employees while using commentary rife with vulgarity.In a 14-page written response Haviland claimed the charges were false and concocted by disgruntled employees.County spokesman Erik Pappa said three temporary justices of the peace will rotate to cover Haviland’s calendar.The same arrangement has been in place since December, when Haviland was suspended with pay.“But when three employees decide to gang together to bring down their boss, it’s hard to fight that.” The commission’s ruling instead commended the employees who came forward.

Haviland’s attorney, Albert Marquis, said the former judge was disheartened by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline’s investigation into and ruling on ethics charges that led to her suspension without pay in late August.Haviland is expected to return to the bench next year.As justice of the peace, Haviland receives a taxpayer-funded salary of more than ,000 a year.She does not have a law degree, which is not a requirement for justices of the peace in rural communities.Goodsprings is about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas.“This was a small favor for me and my staff to do for this woman, and my advice may have saved her tens of thousands of dollars and considerable grief and heartache,” she said.

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