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Related:  Stay in a Lighthouse or Helicopter: The Coolest Hotel in Every State" data-reactid="98"Maine: Least violent crime Forget the plot of every Stephen King novel you’ve ever read.Maine is actually just full of upstanding citizens — not killer clowns, zombie pets, or entire towns turning into vampires.Maryland: Fewest accidental deaths" data-reactid="101"Massachusetts: Fewest traffic fatalities That lore of the M*sshole driver?

Illinois: Most units of local government" data-reactid="67"Somehow, the Land of Lincoln has more recently been Bad as Blagojevich, at one point seeing four of its previous seven governors land in jail.But that may be explained by its having so many units of local government, since nobody can remember who does what anymore.Iowa: Lowest divorce rate Iowa is like the Ireland of the United States: Iowans are most likely to stay married, for better or worse.Florida: Most 4-year-olds in preschools" data-reactid="58"Georgia is the biggest producer of peanuts in the country.Just ask the sole president who hails from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer himself. Related:  A Slice of America: The Best Pizzeria in Every State" data-reactid="64"Idahoans pay nearly half the price for their groceries as bordering states Montana and Washington.Arkansas: Most dog owners" data-reactid="47"According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 47.9% of households in Arkansas owned a dog in 2011.

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