Session saveorupdate not updating


Spring Hibernate problews with Homework (Java EE): Spring Hibernate - Java EE , Spring MVC Hibernate @Service : public interface Contact DAO { ...

One of them is Difference between save , save Or Update and persist, which we will see in this Hibernate article.method in Hibernate is related to previous difference on save vs persist.Because of its above behavior of persist method outside transaction boundary, its useful in long-running conversations with an extended These were some differences between save, save Or Update and persist method of Hibernate.Single Table Entity Persister Exception in thread "main" Cache Concurrency Strategy; @Entity @Table(name = "ADDRESS") @Cache(usage=Cache Concurrency Strategy. ) Hibernate: select user0_as id1_0_1_, user0_.login as login2_0_1_, user0_as name3_0_1_, autos1_.user_id as user_id3_0_3_, autos1_as aid1_1_3_, autos1_as aid1_1_0_, autos1_as name2_1_0_, autos1_.user_id as user_id3_1_0_ from USERS user0_ left outer join autos autos1_ on where

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