Session saveorupdate not updating


has set of methods for saving and updating the values in the database.The methods look like same and difficult to differentiate between them if you are not understanding them clearly.based upon your requirement for persisting object into Database.Along with Spring framework Interview questions, Hibernate questions are also quite popular on J2EE interviews because of its status as leading ORM.polymorphism means that instances of the class will be returned by a query that names any superclass or implemented interface or the class and that instances of any subclass of the class will be returned by a query that names the class itself. polymorphism means that class instances will be returned only be queries that explicitly name that class and that queries that name the class will return only instances of subclasses mapped inside this . Spring Hibernate problews with Homework (Java EE): Spring Hibernate - Java EE , Spring MVC Hibernate @Service : public interface Contact DAO { ...

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Add Student { public Add Student Action() Student student = new Student(); private String first Name; private int id; public int get Id() public void set Id(int id) public String get First Name() public void set First Name Search(String first Name) List students) public Student DAO get Dao() public void set Dao(Student DAO dao) @Override public Student get Model() @Override public String execute() public String update Student() public String list Students() public String edit Student() package com.struts2hibernatepagination.hibernate; import javax.persistence. It’s good to prepare some questions from Hibernate before appearing in any J2EE interviews.One of them is Difference between save , save Or Update and persist, which we will see in this Hibernate article.method in Hibernate is related to previous difference on save vs persist.Because of its above behavior of persist method outside transaction boundary, its useful in long-running conversations with an extended These were some differences between save, save Or Update and persist method of Hibernate.All three method are related to saving Object into database but there behavior are quite different.

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