Row cannot be located for updating vb


Also as Venu pointed out, it's hard to give more specific answers, and possibly point out things you're doing wrong, if you don't actually give us any details of what you're doing.

When trying to update a table i get the following error on the .update command: Row cannot be located for updating.

For that I can use Sql Data Reader and action queries.

At this level SQL Server and My SQL are very similar and I can write a wrapper class over both of them to hide the different data sources from the rest of the program.

Note that this is not the only table where I am getting this problem.

I rolled back Mysql to version 4.0 and now my problem has gone away. Anyway - here is my piece of update code : Update PSet.

'Drive a Steam Roller Steam Engine Prints I have since changed all my float fields to double - which seemed to resolve the problem - but then it came back - but only for specific records.

row cannot be located for updating vb-59row cannot be located for updating vb-15row cannot be located for updating vb-10row cannot be located for updating vb-59

I've tried changing the option in the connection string to option=2; didn't work.

I only started getting this row update error when I upgraded Mysql from 4.0.23 to 4.1.22 - which tells me the problem must lie with how I have set up Mysql.

I have two other separate user servers - one in SA and one in the UK and both are using Mysql 4.1.20.

If the cause is in the code then why is the problem not happening in all three places?

Show us your My SQL update statement ___________________________________________________________If you want the best response to a question, please check out FAQ222-2244 first.'If we're supposed to work in Hex, why have we only got A fingers?

Although you need to write more code using this approach, it is all in your control and problems are easier to resolve because you van actually see what is going on.

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