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But bearing in mind that most people require 55 hours tuition, then simply committing to one session a week, given that in the navigation component of the course students will often do two or three hours total in a session, means that students can aim to pass comfortably in a year even allowing for some poor weather and holidays etc.

The final element covers all the practical aspects of navigation and builds up to the exam which you take to complete your private pilots licence.The theoretical aspect is examined with multiple choice exams in Meteorology, Navigation, Communications, Flight Performance & Planning, Human Factors, Air Law, Operational Procedures, Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight.These sound intimidating, but don’t require any prior knowledge of aviation, although an enthusiasm to learn is helpful!Ground school is provided, and all exams are taken on site.Aside from the formal theoretical aspect, the practical side of training is always accompanied with ground briefings.Those totally new to aviation and considering a PPL for the first time will find that the PPL is simply an introduction to aviation and the pleasures of flying.

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