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Unlike a driving licence you have to pass a medical examination, and you have to keep your rating current to maintain it (by flying a specified number of hours a year).The Private Pilots Licence requires renewal after 5 years.As far as budgeting is concerned, however, 55 hours is a sensible commitment if you’re flying for pleasure or 45 if you can commit to flying full time.As well as this you should budget approximately £250 for books and equipment costs if you plan to pay as you go.We teach the EASA PPL Syllabus, and are an Approved Training Organisation.

The PPL packages start from £7499 and the LAPL from £5199.

Ground school is provided, and all exams are taken on site.

Aside from the formal theoretical aspect, the practical side of training is always accompanied with ground briefings.

The PPL includes the required 45 hours of flying time and the LAPL includes the required 30 hours of flying time.

Alternatively, we offer PPL & LAPL training from just £178 per hour, allowing you to finish the course in as much time as you wish.

Your instructor will fully brief you before every flight, and aim to answer any questions you might have.

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