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His team members and co-creators of the app — Todd Staples, Chad Huesgen, and Pradeep Arumbakkam all had a common goal: entrepreneurship. Trainor explained that the group believes that most social networking apps these days are based on quantity, not quality.“With any entrepreneurial thing people try to look for two things: Is it going to make someone’s life happier or does it solve a problem? “There is no real intimacy beyond thousands of people in your friends list who you may or may not know and are most likely acquaintances by digital circumstance,” he added.“Hey there…” The simple greeting is one Princeton resident and dating app co-creator Kevin Trainor hopes will link lovers and friends.Trainor’s app, Hey There, which officially launched this July, takes an old-fashioned twist on the modern swipe app.Trainor, 42, a Worcester native, attended Wachusett Regional High School, and got a degree in history and political science from Anna Maria but when he graduated, he found himself drawn to the tech world.“Once I got the first taste of tech from there I was kind of hooked,” said Trainor who landed a tech job early on.Then, to start, users (with or without a winger) will see profiles of other Hey There members which they can choose to reach out to with a simple Hey There message.The recipient has the option to respond to the message, or ignore it if they so chose.

To date the group has 1400 people and sees regular activity.Eventually, he came up with an app called Social Fit 360.The app “was kind of a flop,” said Trainor, but he ended up meeting other like minds in the process. “What we identified and potentially solved with our application is a fundamental problem in social networking,” said Trainor, who has been working on the app with his team for the last few years.Hey There doesn’t only aim to create romantic relationships, it also aims to create connectivity and so far, they have been successful in both areas, said Trainor.The group of techies launched their Beta app as a test over the last year and opened it to New England singles.According to Trainor, the idea behind the app is to personalize the impersonal by meeting through mutual friends like they did in the good ole’ days.

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