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Class file and example of how to use that Active Directory class file in java program. Compose LDAP address and supply following parameters username, password, ldap address as a domain into /** * constructor with parameter for initializing a LDAP context * * @param username a object - username to establish a LDAP connection * @param password a object - password to establish a LDAP connection * @param domain Controller a object - domain controller name for LDAP connection */ public Active Directory(String username, String password, String domain Controller) /** * search the Active directory by username/email id for given search base * * @param search Value a object - search value used for AD search for eg.

username or email * @param search By a object - scope of search by username or by email id * @param search Base a object - search base value for scope tree for eg.

Samba contains components that give Linux machines access to Windows file and print services as well as provide Linux-based services that emulate Windows NT 4.0 DCs.

Using the Samba client components, Linux machines can take advantage of Windows authentication services provided by Windows NT and Active Directory DCs.

I'm a Windows guy, and I've certainly poked fun at my Linux-oriented colleagues, but we all have the same goal of providing high-quality and cost-effective IT services to the organization.Kerberos was considerably more secure than NTLM, and it scaled better, too.And Kerberos was an industry standard already used by Linux and UNIX systems, which opened the door to integrating those platforms with Windows.In particular, Winbind uses Kerberos to authenticate with Active Directory and LDAP to retrieve user and group information.Winbind also provides additional services such as the ability to locate DCs using an algorithm similar to the DCLOCATOR in Active Directory and the ability to reset Active Directory passwords by communicating with a DC using RPC.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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