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More and more though, the anger turned frombeing just a class war to being a war of nationalities.

Impressment andother British policies distracted the colonists from being mad at thebourgeoisie to being mad at their mother country.

In 1619 they were settledenough that they started bringing African slaves into the middlecolonies.

While most history books focus on the dominating Europeans, Zinn focuses on the dominated Native Americans, who Zinn holds to be at leastas advanced as their European masters.

One-hundred fifteen years later and 1,500 milesto the north, the colony of Jamestown was founded by a group of Englishsettlers led by John Smith; shortly after that the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by a group of Puritans known to us today as the Pilgrims.

Because of uneasy and hostile relations with the nearby Pequot Indians, the Pequot War soon started between the colonists and thenatives.

Nathaniel Bacon led arevolution against Virginia governor William Berkeley and hisconciliatory Indian policies.

Bacon and others who lived on the westernfrontier wanted more protection from the government against Indianattacks.

As for free white settlers, many of them were skilledcraftsmen, or even men of leisure back in England, who were so littleinclined to work the land that John Smith…

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