Printer status not updating


Once you are connected to it again, disabling the option brings the printer online and sends those jobs.

Under the Printer menu in the Control Panel, right-click on the printer that is offline.

kernel: [ 5014.611274] usb 2-1.2.3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, Serial Number=3 Jun 15 ...

kernel: [ 5014.611281] usb 2-1.2.3: Product: Samsung ML-2010 Jun 15 ...

Hello Community, Our Server is persistent in reporting an error state on the shared queues.

Users are still able to print but the server is reporting an error which triggers windows 7 and windows vista to inform the user that the printer is in "error state" or that there was "an error printing." This information worries users and causes many calls to our help-desk.

While living in France she translated manuscripts into English.

If you cannot find any other reason for your printer showing an offline status, reinstall the printer with the most current manufacturer driver you can find.Scroll down the menu to the "See what's printing" option, which brings up a new window showing the printer queue.Click the "Printer" menu and remove the check mark labeled "Use Printer Offline." If your computer is connected to the printer through a wired connection, ensuring the cables are firmly connected can fix an offline printer status.If the driver you download is not self-installing, open the Device Manager on your computer, find your printer in the list of installed devices, select it, click the Driver tab and click "Update Driver." Marissa Robert graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English language and literature.She has extensive experience writing marketing campaigns and business handbooks and manuals, as well as doing freelance writing, proofreading and editing.Print system configuration: Server: Intel Xeon x5650 2.66 ghz (2 processors)RAM 8 GB64bit OSWindows Server 2008Pharos 8.1.5293.56 Printers Managed:251 printers bring managed160 Kyocera6 Konica53 Canon26 HP6 others Queue Structure brake down:4 held queues for 45 printers of same model for each queueexample: B&W queue (driver kyocers FS-9530) is associated with Kyocera FS-9530 printers B&W_finishing queue (driver Kyocera TA-420i) is associated with Kyocers TA-420i printers 234 direct queues The rest are not managed by phaors Settings:64 bit and 32 bit drivers are of the same version number SNMP status is disable on the ports Bidirectional support is disabled (per advice of phaors support) Server Load: Memory Usage 3 GB of 8 GBCPU Usage 0-2% We have been unable to find any useful log files...

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