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Independent network backbones from disparate geographic regions are then aggregated in a central database via standard Internet protocols for further processing and dissemination.

Software includes firmware to operate the data logger and radio telemetry aspects of the AWN200 in an agricultural weather network application called Ag Weather Net (

The on-farm sensor network uses our SS100 radio/logger which includes a 900 MHz, FHSS radio, with software designed primarily for mobile, real-time farm operations and management applications.

The network is deployed in a star topology in which a strategically placed base radio is responsible for network synchronization, data collection from remote stations within the network, and re-broadcasting collected data to roamer radio units attached to mobile computers and/or directly to the Internet.

This Pathfinder's Character Sheet Guide is for the regular Roll20 Pathfinder Character sheet(neceros). The Pathfinder character sheet tries to best accommodate the Pathfinder rules as written(RAW) while macro fields to allow for house rule customization have been provided.

Many areas of the sheet use repeatable sections for maximum flexibility. Most sections of the sheet make allowances for the multitude of rules options available for Pathfinder.

Additional features and sheet customization's can be enabled using the Settings page.

Much of the sheet is auto-calculated utilizing sheet worker (javascript), saving player's and GM's valuable time when creating, leveling, or modifying a character or NPC.

A tabbed interface combined with optional "show/hide" sub-sections allow for a more manageable sheet.

If currency should not contribute to weight enter it in the Other/Non carried Currency fields.

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