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In fact, Americans are increasingly using dating apps to aid their love lives, and the trend only seems to be gaining momentum.

Pew notes that men and women have similar views on the pros and cons of online dating, the exception being the topic of personal safety.She comes home from work, pours a big glass of wine and browses through the men. I can see how that's a non-threatening way to get a slight adrenaline rush." "Ease of use" (how long it takes to set up a profile, how many questions you're meant to answer and how seamlessly the interface works) of any given dating app changes significantly depending on the level of seriousness users are looking for, Langston added."The more casual the relationship you are seeking, the more a person [prioritizes] ease of use.There's no denying the incredible impact technology has had on every aspect of our lives, from ordering a pizza in seconds (thanks, Dominos) to Googling that actor whose name is on the tip of your tongue but you just. From JSwipe to e Harmony to Grindr, dating apps can suit those looking for a quick fling or a life partner alike. Perhaps one of the most significant ways smartphones have changed our lives is in the realm of dating and romance."There is an undeniable gamification element to Tinder," said e Harmony CEO Grant Langston.

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