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)): fptw64 -ME -F ME8_X79_Here are links to the two different versions: Download High-End Desktop Build (Mimics ME settings from stock RIVE ME) ( Download Workstation Build (Includes the FW capabilities listed above, not sure if they work on our platform) ( you explain in detail, I do not understand how to update, please In DOS mode, it does not work :( Thanks You are likely trying to use the wrong tool. If you do this incorrectly you run the risk of ruining your board. but i copy all file from folder "Flash Programming Tool\Windows64" to local disk D:/ and run "fptw64 -ME -F ME_81101286_X79.bin"/ update succesful! (Made for our controller, 82579V) I compared the original & the new version to make sure they weren't the same, also.That's what I do not understand (which is what is in FITC) by using FITC to save the image for Patsburg x79 (Change flash region to 0 for ME only, as Intel instructs) then flash it using "fptw64 -ME -F ME_81101286_X79.bin" (outimage being the output file from FITC) Thanks That's what I do not understand (which is what is in FITC) Thanks Just follow "Simple Instructions" - the info you quoted is how I generated the valid image for our board and not applicable to those just wanting to update. thanks Necrosan Yes that's what I did (if it is missing. (No sense updating if the same) Not sure how to determine the differences as they both just list as version 1.3 in MEInfo application.Therefore I am having trouble pinpointing the issues causing this.Previously my PC was on a Windows 8.1 version and the issue did not arise until after I upgraded to Windows 10.I have swapped several torrent clients and still am able to reproduce the same issue, a BSOD with "Page Fault in Non Paged Area." Downloading large files via web browser or Skype were tested with no issues, however the BSOD often pops up downloading any torrent on any client and the file can be any size.

Before you post please read our Community Forums Guidelines or to get started see our Community Forum Help.Dll) and it's OK I have not tested the DOS mode (USB key), but it should work as I think Thanks necrosan ;) Otherwise, it's weird, I can not take screenshot of the bios (USB key), I got a message that the USB does not have enough free space, but it is empty I got a "PDR Region does not exist" message when updating firmware (see attached). Backup old version first with: fptw64 -GBE -D To update, move 82579_C0_CPT_B2_VER0PTD4(8kb) to same folder as fptw64 and flash like this: fptw64 -GBE -SAVEMAC -F 82579_C0_CPT_B2_VER0PTD4Make sure you shutdown after flash as GBE controller won't work until you do Also not sure if these are new features to ME 8 firmware, but they sound interesting regardless and are noted in the update PDF: • Platform Clocks – Tune Intel C600 Series Express Chipsets clock silicon to the parameters of a specific board, configure clocks at run time, and power management clocks.Benefit: Allows extensive customizability and soft control of “Third generation” clock solution and makes clocks available before CPU powers up. f=32&t=4116 Made easy installation of driver ver and soft and no sucsess of FW... this link is dead now, the difference between the previous one was just manual I was able to successfully update to ME version by using FITC to save the image for Patsburg X79 (Change number of flash components to 0 for ME only, as Intel instructs) then flash it using "fptw64 -ME -F ME8_X79_HED.bin" (If you'd like you can make backup of ME region with fptw64 -ME -D backup.bin) Worked 100% perfect. another link with instructions for x79 ftp://europe.asrock.com/drivers/Intel/Others/ME_Win8-64_Win8_Win7-64_Win7_Vista64_Vista_XP64_XP(v8.1.10.1286_5M)but for me it's too complicated...Perform the steps in the order shown until the problem is solved.

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