Outlook calendar not updating time zone


Step 1, create a single event, works fine First I create a single event, running from to local time (Amsterdam DST, so UTC 2). I tried leaving out all time zone info when creating the event, but this immediately gives me the 'Reykjavik effect' of step 2. Step 2, update the single event, fails: changes timezone as displayed in Outlook Now I modify the event caption only; I need to specify all items again (my code has no idea what changed): I have tried placing Meeting Time Zone at other locations in the file but keep getting syntax errors.

Outlook does not support an absolute time option for the calendar, which would permit you to enter 2 PM and the appointment would always stay on 2 PM, no matter how many times you changed the time zone.

The steps provided in this bulletin were created to mitigate the impacts that the daylight saving time changes will cause for customers…

To many people, Microsoft Outlook really seems really bad at handling time zone changes, and that's being kind.

Because Outlook gets the time zone from Windows and uses the Windows zone as its default time zone, you don't need to go into Outlook to change the zones, you can do it from Windows, which can be done from a command line in a couple of steps: Windows 7 saves at least the last 27 entries in the Run command so once you use a command, it can be selected the next time you need to change the zone.

Use Outlook's dual time zone feature and name the Default zone "Current" or something so you know its not a specific zone then set the second zone to your home time zone and name it accordingly.

Leaving the Time Zone Context out of the header of the Update Item does not solve the issue (and from what I understand in Time Zone Context documentation I use it).

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