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Lee Riley told the station that the streets of San Francisco are getting worse even than the slums of developing countries.'The contamination is…

much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,' the UC Berkeley professor said.

If stuck by a used needle, one can be infected with diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. As it dries, the germs become airborne and if inhaled, can prove deadly - especially for children.

Confronted with the findings of the report, infectious disease expert Dr.

There was just one problem - 'Martin' was using photos of Steve Bustin, from Brighton, who just happens to be a happily married gay man.

Mr Bustin, 46, first discovered his photos were being stolen and used on dating websites such as Elite Singles back in July 2016 when a woman called Birgit Hebibi from Berlin contacted him.

With all the personalization features these sites offer and the traffic they receive, the right person is probably out there somewhere right now.The same thing has happened to Mr Bustin again and again - a scammer uses his photos to woo a woman, she is oblivious to the deceit for a while, then suddenly realises he is a fake before messaging the real Steve.Mr Bustin, a former BBC News producer who now works as a speaker, told The Sunday Times he was choosing to go public now to 'devalue' his photos and hopefully stop the scammer, or scammers, for good. " I feel like a total idiot.' When one woman contacted Elite Singles to report a trickster using the name 'Christian Hansen' with Mr Bustin's photos, they apologised to her and said: 'It does appear that this individual was able to slip under the radar.'Mr Bustin has since increased his security settings on social media but as a public speaker his job involves posting regularly.Zoosk has San Francisco single women interested in meeting new people.Many of today's romantic relationships start online. San Francisco single women are waiting to meet you! but these days, having a headshot that reflects you in your professional and personal element is an essential tool for everything from your social media accounts and job hunting to online dating.

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