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As I detailed in an earlier post, the most common lies told by online daters concern age and physical appearance.

Gross misrepresentations about education or relationship status are rare, in part because people realize that once they meet someone in person and begin to develop a relationship, serious lies are highly likely to be revealed.2. There is, surprisingly, still some stigma attached to online dating, despite its general popularity.

Many people continue to see it as a last refuge for desperate people who can’t get a date “in real life." Many couples that meet online are aware of this stigma and, if they enter into a serious relationship, may create false cover stories about how they met.

The particular survey analyzed for that paper oversampled homosexual couples, who comprised 16% of the sample.

The statistics behind the finding that the couples that met online were more likely to break up do hold up to scrutiny, but these results are certainly not the last word given the small sample of only 280 couples that met online, as compared to more than 6,000 in the study by Cacioppo and colleagues.

So, the findings on longevity are somewhat mixed, with the larger study suggesting that online couples are better off.

Let’s examine four common myths, and why they're wrong:1. There is a widespread belief that dating sites are filled with dishonest people trying to take advantage of earnest, unsuspecting singles.

Research does show that a little exaggeration in online dating profiles is common.

Because online dating hasn’t been around that long, it’s hard to fully assess the long-term success of relationships that began on the Internet, but two surveys have attempted to do so.

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