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There is scant peer-reviewed research on this issue, but anecdotally from what we read about the lives of famous children of mixed race parents and based on our own observations of people we know, the children adopt the speech patterns, the dress, and the behavior of Blacks.Moreover, they select their friends from their Black associates.The film is about the crash of a private plane in a snow-covered mountain range and the couples’ ensuing battle to survive.Apparently, their battle did not employ fighting very hard against having sexual intercourse with each other, but perhaps they were using a deliberate survival strategy to stay warm.As Dana Wade, president of Spike DDB, a New York ad agency that uses multiracial images in most of its advertising said, “For so long, speaking to consumers of color has been absent from the landscape.

But Madison Avenue knows when promoting miscegenation advances its agenda and when it doesn’t.I was not shocked or even surprised at this portrayal of miscegenated merriment, as I naively assumed it was an isolated attempt by the commercial’s creator to appeal to two different segments of the consuming public with one commercial. As I continued to watch TV that day, it didn’t take long for the intrusive appeal of the commercials to outweigh that of the programs.There were simply so many of these commercials featuring mixed-race families and couples that I suspected something else was being presented.Since “cutting the cable” several years ago, I have felt secure behind my own personal immigration wall, free of the barrage of marketing demands and political poltroons upon my time and money.During the Christmas holidays, however, I ventured onto the major networks (NBC, ABC, and CBS) with an external antenna affixed to the TV to satisfy my curiosity of what had been happening in the “real” world since my self-imposed exile.It was refreshing, however, to see that the TK Maxx dump truck delivered white, not beige snow to their door—at least Mother Nature has retained the colors of her true nature.

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