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Sure enough, about that time there appeared on my screen, Amazon’s commercial for their somewhat creepy assistant named Alexa to play some “wake-up music.” But lest older Whites are calcified to the acceptance of inter-racial romance, the marketers have begun rolling out not only interracial commercials, but also novels and soap opera TV shows depicting the hormone-fueled joy of jungle fever between our youth.

But Madison Avenue knows when promoting miscegenation advances its agenda and when it doesn’t.

As Dana Wade, president of Spike DDB, a New York ad agency that uses multiracial images in most of its advertising said, “For so long, speaking to consumers of color has been absent from the landscape.

It’s important to correct that.” Underlying the billions of dollars spent to make this propaganda a reality there is the assumption that there is something wrong, even psychologically diseased, about a White man and a White woman marrying and having White children.

Clearly, if marketers did not believe that they could change the culture, our TV screens, computer CPUs, and print media would not be deluged by images of happy, racially blended couples. No EFs — Frame Game Radio () (@Frame Games) February 7, 2018 What is happening here?

There is no debating the immense influence of advertising on the human mind and its capacity to influence buying in a predetermined direction.

The film is about the crash of a private plane in a snow-covered mountain range and the couples’ ensuing battle to survive.

Apparently, their battle did not employ fighting very hard against having sexual intercourse with each other, but perhaps they were using a deliberate survival strategy to stay warm.

I was beginning to form the opinion that corporations and their ad creators had decided that there was a preference for portraying a couple’s cologne commercial, which featured the White looking though Jewish Jake Gyllenhaal and Black model/actress Liya Kebede and their four-year-old son.

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