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But the logic makes sense — one of those two movies you enjoyed more than the other, so if you had to make a definitive list, which one would you pick?The result is that after you've completed enough head-to-head matchups, you start to see a pretty accurate list emerge (Flickchart re-inserts films you've already voted on fairly often, putting them up against other films so they move up or down your list).While most people associate Netflix with it's DVD-by-mail rental service, its Movie Fans social network is worth joining for users of the service.Powered by Ning, the site isn't the most full-featured social network and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles — it's pretty standard Ning fare.Film Crave is a fun movie rating and review social site that rewards users for participation using a points system.The site gives users points for rating movies, adding reviews, making lists, or writing plot summaries.

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Their movie compatibility tests, movie night planner, quizzes and personality tests all make it easy to find friends and connect with people who have similar film tastes.I Heart Movies also has information on over 3,000 films, over 40,000 people (actors, directors, writers), and has trailers, trivia, plot summaries, and discussion forums.Spout isn't the most polished film information site and social network on this list, but it is very complete.For movie lovers, the social web is the place to be. Though not the most attractive site by any stretch of the imagination, the The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has been the go-to site for movies since shortly after it was launched in 1990.Here is a list of the top 10 best social networks for film buffs to hang out, discuss movies, get information about that latest films and upcoming releases, and meet other cinephiles. Owned by Amazon since 1998, IMDb is easily the most complete film and television reference on the Internet, and also one of the most vibrant social gathering places for film fans.The info it provides about movies isn't quite up to IMDb levels, but as a social network, the site provides plenty of ways for users to interact, including rating and reviewing films, discussion groups, film news, and trailers.

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