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The police ignored his cries for help and continued to process him into the local prison.

When the boy was too ill to even attend his own bail hearing, his mom began to worry.

They murdered a young boy who had so much left to live for and now, his daughter will never get to grow up knowing Daddy or how much she truly meant to her.

Rest in Peace B, We love you forever Arthur Llewellyn Van Benschoten V May 18, 1991 to August 11, 2011 My nephew died of a heroin/Xanax overdose on his only brother’s 18th birthday.

The police don’t care, have not even questioned the wife, that left him to die, or the guy that was knocking on his window.

Say hi to Bammy & Grandpa for me ❤❤❤ -To whoever reads this & feels the same or is in the same situation, I’d like to say that you are strong for still being here! He stayed clean for a while, until his wife, whom was out of the picture because she refused rehab, worked her way back in.

My younger sister, his mother, hasn’t recovered and it’s been 6 years. A dozen people got memorial tattoos for Artie, which is a testament to his impact on people’s lives. Maybe that’s why the further away from his death we get, the worse the grieving is.

I don’t want to be 10 years away from the last time we saw him alive. WA Erik, who just turned 40 was the love of my life.

The wife was even caught having sex with someone in a shed on someone else’s property , there was a purse in the shed with drugs and paraphenalia , since there was no id in the purse, she was not charged, and let go, still not questioned in my son’s death, this was just 2 days after he passed.. How is it ok for her to refuse to turn in her dope dealer ?? Life will never be the same without you here…I lost my husband, best friend, soulmate and this journey called life turned upside down because a heroin overdose that took away your life, dreams and future. Post falls/Idaho/United states In 2017 the city I live in was in mourning. There are people losing this fight left and right and it started with pills because florida was the state tray really started the pill mills. As tree guilt i have for mitt helping her escape her x. Please people if you truly love other people in your life, think about them before you get high! I did fur a long time but realized in the end the ones who try to brag and be flashy are usually fake. He was a happy, energetic and loving man with a daughter who was almost 3 at the time of her Daddy’s death.

My heart hurts, literally aches with sadness for my son… There have been about 15 ODs in the area over the past week and a half, not all resulting in death, when will it stop? We couldn’t find you on time, we couldn’t give you one more hug ,tell you how much your family loves you and needs you. 27 years young and my heart breaks because your smile and beautiful person is not around anymore. Unfortunately the was the government put a stop to it wasn’t the best way not to mention just way to late. So when I started making sure choices i broke up with her so she wouldn’t be involved. But she wss tat girl whip everybody loved and just smiled around her because of all her positive outlooks on life in general. Days later she called again needing a place to stay and talking about if we stayed together. She had no signs of previous drug use or drug abuse according to the m.e. I can’t express how much pain drugs cause people and not just to themselves. People who are successful are proud people not loud people. It breaks my heart knowing that he could have been saved.

My son asked her for a cigarette and she refused him and that was my last straw.. While he was with a friend Friday night she called him and told him she had “200$ worth of good dope and wanted to get together and talk things out” He gave in…Fast forward to Saturday morning.

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